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Pediatric and Geriatric Blood Draws

Preparing your child for a blood draw

If your child needs blood work and is nervous, there are ways you can help make the experience faster and easier for them.

    • Follow instructions: Be sure to follow specific preparation instructions provided by your child’s physician, such as fasting, if necessary.
    • Stay calm: During the blood draw, help your child stay calm and relaxed by staying calm yourself. Take a deep breath and follow the instructions of the technician to ensure a safe procedure. Note that you may be asked to hold younger children.
    • Bring a distraction: It can be difficult to get a child not to focus on the blood draw, especially if it’s their first time. If a young child has a favorite stuffed animal or song to sing, these tools can help divert their attention. For older children, consider a cell phone or tablet to get their minds off the visit.