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Home Draws

Meadowlands Diagnotics Home Blood Draws Service

By setting up an appointment with Meadowlands Diagnostics, you will be able to receive a blood draw at the comfort of your home. We will draw the blood at your home and get it to our lab for testing.

Our on-site specimen collection specialists are trained to conveniently collect blood and other specimens from your home or office.

Our expertly trained phlebotomists will gladly come to your home to collect your lab specimens easily, quickly, and safely when you set up an appointment

What is a Blood Draw?

During a blood draw, blood is taken from the body. The amount of blood can vary from a couple of drops usually taken from a finger to 470 ml, usually taken from an arm vein.

Is a Meadowlands Diagnostics home blood draw for you?

We recommend home blood draws for anyone who has received a doctors recommendation to test blood for a variety of health concerns. In particular, we recommend a home blood draw for anyone who:
  • Homebound Only
You can schedule phlebotomy services on behalf of others, such as for elderly parents. Healthcare professionals can also request services on behalf of their patients.